Frequently asked questions

How large loan can be taken?

The maximum amount of a loan agreement is €150 000. The maximum amount is determined by the loan period and loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. The minimum loan amount is €1 000. press "Manage Questions" button.

How much can I borrow against my Bitcoins?

Bittilaina finances 50-70% of the value of the security (loan-to-value ratio). For example, if the value of bitcoins is €10 000, you will receive a loan of €5 000 to €7 000, depending on the contract (e.g. loan amount, interest rate)

Will I get my cryptocurrency collateral back when I pay my loan back in euros?

Yes, your cryptocurrency will be returned when the loan is repaid. If you wi sh, you can also repay your loan in either euros or in cryptocurrency.

Does the cryptocurrency collateral fluctuate with the market price or do I just pay back the same amount of money I borrowed?

There are two separate things: Collateral and loan. Collateral, such as the value of your home, which in this case is the cryptocurrency varies according to the market. Loan, which you borrow against the collateral, is in euros will remain in euros. When you repay the loan, you will return the borrowed amount in euros or in cryptocurrency valued at the repayment date of the loan.

Do you use other bank or loan services when approving a loan?

Bittilaina is not dependent on banks or loan services so we can immediately process your loan without delay.

Can the loan be repaid in cryptocurrency?

You can, if you want, repay the euro denominated loan using cryptocurrency. When repaying the loan this way, some of the cryptocurrency collateral is converted to euros to cover the loan and any outstanding interest. All remaining cryptocurrency is returned to you.

Who carries the risk if the cryptocurrency value drops?

As the cryptocurrency owner, you carry the both the risk and benefit of any value changes.

Can I pay back my loan in cryptocurrency or just in euros?

During the repayment of the loan, you will return the borrowed amount in euros or the equivalent in cryptocurrency as per its value on the repayment date.

How am I taxed if I pay back the loan in cryptocurrency?

Since this is a loan denominated in euro and you do not sell us the cryptocurrency, you are not taxed for borrowing. You benefit from any value increase in the cryptocurrency.

Do I have to pay taxes when taking a loan or repaying the loan?

Borrowing or repayment of a euro denominated loan hasn’t cause a taxable event.

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